As a child one of Fernanda’s favorite pastimes was shooting movies on VHS, a collection she treasures to this day . Her journey in cinema was further enriched through travels around the world and the diverse roles she embraced: journalist, lawyer, documentary filmmaker, TV host, and screenwriter.
Born and raised in Bahia, a place teeming with culture and diversity. From an early age, a connection to the arts, especially cinema, was apparent. A passion for storytelling drove her to pursue her dream, pursuing her education in film first at the University of London and then at Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris.
In 2016, Fernanda landed her role as a director for the series her first feature film, “A Loucura Entre Nós,” bringing her great joy with critical and audience recognition. In 2014, she directed and wrote the short film “La Bascule.”
Her documentary “Let me Live” [Deixe-me Viver/2009] received awards and nominations at international festivals, shedding light on peaceful resistance amidst complex challenges in the West Bank. This film illustrated to her the importance of telling stories that provoke reflection and awaken consciousness.
Her initial documentary, “A Maior Prisão da Terra” [The Largest Prison on Earth/2007], also gained recognition at various festivals worldwide. On television, she had the opportunity to produce and direct segments for the program “Mosaico Baiano,” contributing to the dissemination of Bahia’s culture and stories.

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